What is roughseas.xyz?

A Fediverse home to libertarians, classical liberals, right-of-center thinkers, gun owners, privacy and due process advocates, rugged individualists, and those believing that American Exceptionalism isn't about a country or place but is rather an ideal.

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Your rights:

  • You have no right not to be offended.
  • You do have a right not to be harassed.
  • You do have a right to privacy.

  • Snark welcomed, just try not be a total jerk.
  • Please put Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) content behind a Content Warning (CW).
  • Feel free to be anonymous or obscure your identity.
  • Creating multiple accounts is allowed, so long as you can verify each of them. Account verification is done simply to cut down on automated spam.
  • No LOLICON. There are plenty of places you can go for that, just not here.
  • No child pornography, sexual depictions of children, or discussions of sex with or about children.
  • No pornography... because people aren't coming here for it, and there are better sources for it on the Internet than anything you likely have.
  • Keep nudity to a minimum and behind a Content Warning (CW). If you don't know the difference between nudity and pornography, don't post it.
  • No glorification of Nazis. Nazis have free speech too, just not here.
  • No glorification of communists. They killed ten times more people than the Nazis, so it doesn't matter that they weren't outwardly racist.
  • No automated or bot spam or excessive spam. Advertising for services, especially by small businesses with service relevant to this audience, is acceptable so long as it isn't bothersome.
  • No solicitation, spam, or advertisement for services of sex or companionship. That's now the law.
  • Accounts for minors under the age of 13 are forbidden. Any minor aged 13 to 17 must have their parents permission to use this service.
  • No trading, spam or advertising of pirated software or stolen property.
  • No harassing other users of this instance or any instance in the Fediverse, where harassment constitutes that with which the police would have an interest.
  • Bots that are interesting and useful are welcome. Bots that are boring and/or annoying are not.
  • No DOXXING. If you are an employee of CNN, this may be a hard rule to follow, but we mean it. DOXXING is the practice of broadcasting personally identifiable information.